For Investor Owners

Building a portfolio of quality investments is one way to help you get ahead financially and achieve your long-term goals.

Aspirea International helps these individual investors through highly bespoke products and services to obtain sustainable investment growth.

Aspirea International offers world-class investment solutions and retirement expertise around the globe. We are partners with our clients on their journey to build better futures for themselves and generations to come.

Our Investment teams are compensated for long-term performance, not short-term gains, ensuring our time horizons and interests are aligned with yours.

It could be property-related, investing in entities & stocks, setting up an investment holding company, or as simple as starting a new business.

Aspirea International will assist them in line with a comprehensive range of corporate services.

We work with highly trusted partners in designing, developing, implementing and running investor programs not just locally, but globally.

From the critical first step, choosing the right program, right through the entire process of application and approval, we work side by side with our partners to provide information, and assist with and secure the successful completion of the complex process for each investor.

Discover how you can effect real change in society through sustainable investing straight away.

Key drivers for investors:

  • Mobility: Free travel is not only convenient but also a fundamental freedom that global investors enjoy.
  • Quality of life: Perceived individually, it is an important decision-making factor for high net worth investors who aim to ensure premium education, standard of living, environmental quality, social progress, and more.
  • Security: Individual and community safety as well as freedom in a broader socio-economic context is essential for all global investors and particularly for those who come from politically distressed regions.
  • Stability and retirement: When considering age of retirement, investors too, analyse the opportunities that the hosting country holds for all family members as well.
  • Taxation, retirement and succession planning: High and ultra-high- net worth individuals diligently explore the effects of asset relocation and obtaining alternate residence on their assets.
  • Premiership-  MillionWorld Club premiership, allowing only selectively high-net worth individuals from all over the world to come close together for private events and sharing of investments insight and views.